Party Room Squad presents “RARE” for the 2016 Miami Broward One Carnival


In an ever-changing world, it is refreshing to know that there are a few things that are constant; The Red Moon, The Red Sea, The Red Coral, The Red Rose and The Red Diamond, each with its unique qualities.  Representing the joy, the beauty and the pleasures that emanate from the things that are rare and permanent.  The ever enduring crimson red that each represents is mesmerizing, hypnotic and enchanting. The splendiferous redness is a symbol of their majestic power. Now feast on the incomparable beauty of things that are rare in all their crimson glory!


The Red Moon Phase 1 designed by Massive One


Silver Lunar is an interpretation of the phases of the moon that leads to the Red Moon eclipse represented by the silver sphere throughout the Male and female costumes


The Red Moon Phase 2 designed by Carnival in Motion


As the earth's shadow creeps across the moon during the lunar eclipse the moon appears dark before suddenly changing to appear red. The black and grey shades of this costume represent that dark, shadowy period of the lunar eclipse.


The Red Moon Phase 3 designed by Party Room Squad


THE RED MOON…what lovers yearn for – Under the RED MOON lovers fall in love and lovers recommit to strengthen their love for each other. THE RED MOONS’ mystical power has infinite control over lovers through its mesmerizing and enticing emanated red glow.


The Red Sea Orange shade designed by Caribbean Fuzion Inc.


As she extends her arms across the West Coast of Arabia, her mystical being transcends across the waters and gives the illusion of red and orange.


The Red Sea designed by Party Room Squad


THE RED SEA picks up where the RED MOON ends. THE RED SEA is all captivating to all who has the unique opportunity to cast their vision upon it. It is the ever enthralling beauty of its redness that has generations yearning to see and be a part of its beauty.


The Red Coral designed by Jamboree Mas


Precious coral or red coral is the common name given to Corallium rubrum and several related species of marine coral. The distinguishing characteristic of precious coral is their durable and intensely colored red or pink skeleton which is used for making jewelry.


The Red Rose designed by Majestic Carnival


Unique and Rare...In a Bouquet of Red Roses, there stood out one, one that was more beautiful and different from the rest. This beautiful flower can be spotted at a distance, because of its uniqueness and rare characteristics...with streaks of yellow (or tan, or a shade of yellow) on its lovely deep red petals, there stood out the Hocus Pocus Rose, kissed by the Sun, envied by other Roses...The Beautiful, Unique, and Rare, Hocus Pocus Rose.

The Red Diamond designed by Party Room Squad


Although all natural fancy colored diamonds are extremely rare, none are more so than the red diamond. Found mostly in Africa, Australia and Brazil, red diamonds are so rare that only around twenty to thirty true red diamonds are known to exist and most are less than half a carat in size.