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Party Room Squad

The Party Room Squad was founded in 1995 by Mr. and Mrs. Carl Montes Jr.  The Party Room Squad’s mission is to introduce, educate and promote the Caribbean Carnival to the younger generation in the neighborhood and to preserve the Caribbean Carnival’s traditions that were slowly eluding our new adopted culture.

The Party Room Squad assures that it emphasizes to its masqueraders the possibility of the global reach that can be obtained; that the historical roots are maintained; and a multiracial patrimony is developed to protect the Caribbean Carnival’s standing in the community.  While emphasizing the history of the Caribbean Carnival, the younger generation is exposed to the different views and cultural aspects that would be unavailable to them if not for their participation with The Party Room Squad.

The younger generation is tasked to be creative and become the central focus of our current achievements.  At the beginning of the Carnival season, some of the younger members of the Party Room Squad work as a team to determine the theme, colors and budget for the upcoming Caribbean Carnival Parade.

As a masquerading band, we understand both the social and the historical aspects of the Caribbean Carnival.  By uniting the different age groups in the formation of teams, we create a unique Carnival culture.  Information is passed on to the younger generation through mentoring, teaching and by restoring the legends of the Caribbean Carnival back to the community at large.   All this will allow for the culture of the Caribbean Carnival to foster, grow and maintain itself as the spectacular showcase that it is now.

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